• Import under all HS codes of Chapters 72, 73 and 86 of ITC (HS), 2017, Schedule − I shall require compulsory registration under the Steel Import Monitoring System (SIMS) as per DGFT Notification No. 33 dated 28th September 2020.

• Import Policy of specific iron & steel items appearing in Chapter 72, 73 and 86 of ITC (HS), 2017, Schedule − I as given in Annex to DGFT Notification no 17 dated 5th September 2019 was changed from ‘free’ to ‘free subject to compulsory registration’ under Steel Import Monitoring System (SIMS).

• Steel Import Monitoring System (SIMS) shall require importers to submit advance information in an online system for import of items in the Annex. On submission of online data/information, the system will generate an automatic unique Registration Number. No manual documents are to be submitted to any public authority for this purpose.

• Importer can apply for online registration not earlier than 60th day and not later than 15th day before the expected date of arrival of import consignment The automatic Registration Number thus granted shall remain valid for a period of 75 days

• A registration fee of Rs 1 per thousand subject to a minimum of Rs.500/− and a maximum of Rs 1 Lakh on aggregate CIF value of imports will need to be paid through electronic mode in the online system for each registration number

• Importer shall have to enter the Registration Number and expiry date of Registration in the Bill of Entry to enable Customs for clearance of consignment

Implementation date for additional HS codes covered under registration under Steel Import Monitoring System (SIMS) vide Notification No. 33/2020−21 dated 28.09.2020 shall be 16th October 2020 i.e. Bill of Entry on or after 16.10.2020 shall require compulsory registration under SIMS. [Public Notice No. 19 dated 28.09.2020]

• Other related information
- On registration, a Unique Registration Number (URN) starting with ‘STL’ will be sent to the IEC holders mobile/email id (as given in IEC database)
- SIMS also has the facility to view earlier online registrations. In addition, incomplete applications which have not been submitted for registration on the DGFT portal are also available in the SIMS for review and further action
- Any change in applicant’s mobile/email id will need to be first amended/updated in DGFT IEC database through the online IEC modification system
- Importers who fail to register their information/data on notified steel items in advance or are found to furnish incorrect data in the Online SIMS module will attract punitive action including action under FTDR Act, 1992
- Online Steel Import Monitoring System (SIMS) is available on a 24X7 basis. However, in the interest of trade/importers, it is suggested that registrations are filed/obtained fairly well in advance to avoid disruptions in the business activity of the firm.
- Any issues on account of difficulties faced in filing online registrations need to be ticketed at the link contact@dgft for resolution. Helpdesk at 1800111550 may also be approached for support.
- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)