e-BRC Details for Trade

Displays Maximum 200 latest records only.
Use additional filter options(e.g. shipping bill number, bill id etc) to view specific e-BRCs

IEC* IFSC (11 digit) #
BRC issue From Date BRC Date upto
Shipping Bill Number Shipping Bill date
Shipping Bill Port Bill ID

BRC Number BRC Status
Utilisation Status Enter the Captcha


* IEC is Mandatory | All dates to be provided in dd.mm.yyyy format only
# Provide IFSC for comprehensive report, otherwise truncated version will be displayed.

 In order to overcome the restriction of few latest e-BRC records shown in online query , A new feature  e-BRC Bulk Data request is released . User can request for complete e-BRC data in CSV format. Request will be processed offline and report will be sent  to user on given e-Mail id.

To register Request for Bulk e-BRC data Click here